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Passenger Train

RAAS Logistics is a provider of premium passenger train services. We are the choice of the general public and the leading companies of the country for their daily and routine travel.
 Our train service covers all of Pakistan, from Rawalpindi to Karachi. Passenger train service at it’s best!

RAAS is one of the fastest growing passenger train companies of Pakistan; looking to maintain its position by adopting techniques and technologies in the world of train travel. “Customer is the king” is the motto of our company; therefore RAAS has wide range of customers at local and national levels.

Our service includes two passenger trains:

  • Sir Syed Express
  • Mehran Express

RAAS is proud to have a team of energetic and skilled workers with the experience of numbers of years in the train industry. We personally take care of your trust. Our company has earned it’s fame by its generous treatment and handling of passengers and goods.